We offer a full line of printed digital vinyls, fabrics and decals.
Our Vinyl Line.

All printed vinyl graphics are produced with a mild solvent ink that has a 3 year
outdoor minimum life and up to 5 years with an over laminate. These are available in
large format and also couture cut for decals, labels or other needs.

We also offer full color 13 oz. Vinyl banners with a scratch resistant print that is a far
superior to conventional ink jet printing.  Our banners can be used outdoor with no
fading or ink bleed with a life of 18 months.  An interior application with this banner
material is almost unlimited depending on UV exposure and chemicals.  These
banners can be cleaned with mild soap and water solution.  Storage is no problem
with a little care in packaging and storage area.

Speciality Vinyls

Holographic Films, Foil-Chrome Films, Reflective Films and Metal-Flake Films can be
printed on for a hi-impact look or reflective properties needed for eye-catching looks
that will get noticed.  

Our Premium Cloth line.

Both Poly Oxford and an Artist Canvas are kept in stock.

Poly Oxford is a long lasting cloth that can be for used outdoor applications or indoor
applications with an extremely good look and full color applications. Poly Oxford can
be cleaned in a washing machine if the cloth gets soiled or stained from spills.

Artist Canvas is a 15 oz artist grade that can be mounted directly to walls, plywood or
stretched on a frame for long lasting applications including framed portraits (with
care and finishing this can last up to 100 or more yrs*.)

We are adding new medias all the time so just ask us for anything new or special
application needs.
* Print life based on UV light test information from printer and photo manufactures.  We imply no
warranty other than those provided by manufactures of products used.